Couple Pays $100,000 For Date With Tim Tebow

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL – New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow may have always wondered how much his time was worth. Now he has an answer and it is $100,000 per day. A Florida couple bid that amount to have Tebow for a day.

The proceeds of the bid will go to the Tim Tebow Foundation. The celebrity football star called the amount, “incredible” and “humbling.”

Tim Tebow Celebrity Golf Classic was lead off by the silent auction which had people bidding on their own personal Tebow Time. The currently anonymous husband and wife plan to share their Tebow time with underprivileged children near their home in the Florida Keys, according to The Florida Times-Union.

Tebow told the Florida Times-Union after the winning bid was received,

“It was incredible. It’s humbling. You don’t feel worthy, but when people care about your cause and know that you’re trying to do something for other people, it’s amazing to see what can happen.”

There was some skepticism when the bid came in until Erik Dellenback, the Tim Tebow Foundation’s executive director, learned the identity of the couple, which had pledged money in the past.

Dellenbeck said,

“They live in a part of town that has a lot of people in need and a lot of people with a lot of wealth. (The wife) felt that bringing Timmy to her town down there would maybe change the town. She cleared it with Timmy, and it sounds like she’s going to have a little event where she brings some of the kids who are in need and some of the kids who are deserving. We’d prefer not to say who they are, but they have a place in the Keys, which is where he’s going to go.”

Tebow, who has always been big on helping under privileged youth said he was looking forward to the experience.

Tebow told reporters,

“It’ll be a lot of fun. She said it will happen whenever I have time. They’re a very special family as far as how they’ve supported the foundation.”