Bill Cosby Comments On George Zimmerman’s Killing Of Unarmed Trayvon Martin

Bill Cosby’s comments on George Zimmerman in regards to the Trayvon Martin case via CNN Transcript:

Candy Crowley: So you saw more a gun issue than a race issue?

Cosby: How are you going to solve a race issue when it becomes he said, she said or he said, he said? And the other question is, what is solved by saying he’s a racist that’s why he shot the boy? What solves that? This. [Makes gun symbol with hand] And what is he doing with it? And who taught him and told him how to behave with this? It doesn’t make any difference if he’s a racist or not racist. If he’s scared to death and not a racist, it’s still a confrontational provoking of something.

I don’t know what happened, but I know that this — I used to have a gun. The policeman who okayed it said to me, “Mr. Cosby, when you pull this trigger, you can’t call it back.” And so I had the gun in my pocket. And the reason why I had it was to protect my family. But I also knew that anything that went on outside–and it appeared to be something that wasn’t on the OK, I went out with my gun. And the thought was if this person is not right or if that doesn’t move when I say move, I’m going to show that I have a gun.

Cosby goes onto say:

“Cause people on drugs really don’t care, they don’t – they don’t think well, and they will kick in your door. So you gotta protect yourself in your own home. But I also believe that when you tell me that you’re going to protect the neighborhood that I live in, I don’t want you to have a gun. I want you to be able to see something, report it, and get out of the way because you happen to be a part of the neighborhood – I don’t want you to get hurt and I don’t want you to hurt anyone.”