Ex-Seattle PI staff start new online news outlet

Following in the footsteps of former East Valley Tribune and Rocky Mountain News writers, over a dozen former staff members of the Seattle PI have started a new online only news site.

The Seattle PostGlobe is focused on local Seattle news and sports news. The site has some reasonable backing, with partners including Seattle Weekly (who is selling advertising on the site), and KCTS public television.

The writing team:

Kathy Mulady will be going back to patrolling the corridors of City Hall. Mike Lewis will return to the city’s streets to tell you the stories only he can. Art Thiel will write for this site as well as others. Joe Copeland, who wrote for the P-I editorial board, and Larry Johnson, a veteran P-I foreign correspondent, will bring you commentary on Seattle and the world. And our site will have the professional photojournalism of former P-I photographers Grant Haller, Mike Kane and others.

The Seattle PostGlobe team are starting on a voluntary basis, but they’re hoping to make money from the site in the future. The full post on the launch here.

(via SAI)