What mattress? Americans hiding cold hard cash in freezers, poll indicates

In a recent Marist Poll, the proverbial mattress full of money used by those too scared to entrust their precious money to banks has been supplanted by the kitchen freezer.

In the poll of 1,080 Americans across the country, over a quarter of respondents indicated that their preferred hiding place for their cash and valuables is in the freezer.

According to the pollsters,

With the clock ticking down to Tax Day, money is on the minds of many Americans. When it comes to the “mad” money they keep in their homes, where do they like to stash it? More than one in four Americans — 27% — reports they hide their money in the freezer. 19% of residents “sock” their green away while 11% sleep well at night with their cash stuffed under their mattress. One in ten — 10% — buries their dough in the cookie jar while 9% leave their loot in some other household location. 17% say there is no good place in the home to hide their money, and 7% are unsure.

Americans over forty five are twice as likely as young people to “report there is no good place in the home to hide money,” the poll found.

Next time your friends offer to grab you a beer from your fridge, maybe you should ask them to stay out of the kitchen. At least, you should if you wish to keep your “cold” hard cash.