P Diddy’s Anger Struggles Led To These Three Notorious Incidents

P Diddy may have just been arrested for assaulting personnel of his son’s college football team, but that is not the extent of legal trouble arising out of his fiery temper. The stage name that P Diddy used earlier in his career, “Puff Daddy” or “Puffy,” was actually inspired by his childhood temper tantrums. He said a friend noticed him huffing and puffing when he got angry. The name P Diddy is only an evolution of that moniker.

There are, indeed, many instances of P Diddy’s adult struggles with losses of emotional control. But according to the Daily Beast, the most notorious of these followed one after another in 1999. Why 1999? It may be related to the death of Notorious B.I.G. in 1997, along with a mature version of his longtime struggles with anger.

Steve Stoute Beating

P Diddy and two bodyguards walked into Interscope Records during business hours and assaulted senior executive Steve Stoute. The conflict arose out of a cameo music video appearance Diddy was unhappy about. When the video was aired despite protests, he came into the office throwing champagne bottles and flipping over desks.

It involved a music video from the Nas song “Hate Me Now.” The song depicted a portrayal of Jesus’ crucifixion. After consulting with his pastor, Diddy decided he did not want the video to air without changes. P Diddy was ordered to take one day of anger management classes as a result of the incident.

TV Host Assault

Roger Mills said he was assaulted after he interviewed P Diddy for his program in Michigan. Mills claims he questioned Diddy about his involvement in the death of Notorious B.I.G. P Diddy ended the interview immediately. When the cameras were off and Mills was attempting to leave, P Diddy’s crew proceeded to rough him up and destroy the video footage, along with the camera. The police stated they did not have enough evidence to pursue a case.

Club New York Nightclub Shooting

Perhaps the most notorious of P Diddy’s dealings with the law, and potentially most deadly, happened in December 1999 at Club New York. P Diddy’s girlfriend at the time, Jennifer Lopez, was there when he bumped into a man and spilled his drink. Money was thrown in P Diddy’s face as an insult before he and protege Jamal “Shyne” Barrow drew guns. Three people were injured from gunfire, but P Diddy is alleged to only have shot at the ceiling. Shyne spent ten years in prison, while P Diddy walked free. But he and Jennifer Lopez split up soon after the incident.

P Diddy has always had a reputation for being a bit unpredictable, even from his career beginnings. When he started to gain a bit of fame and money, these only became more visible. More recent incidents have followed the ones mentioned above. How can Diddy calm that fire? Maybe P Diddy can take up meditation, and do it during breaks in those endless studio recording sessions.

[Photo by Michael Loccisano / Getty Images for SXSW]