'GTA V' Actor Teases New Story DLC, New Casino Heist Leaked For Next Week

The voice behind Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) character Franklin is dangling some serious meat in front of hungry GTA V fans, as he goes to Instagram to tease a possible single-player story DLC for GTA V or GTA V Online.

GTA V's Franklin is voiced by, and loosely based on, voice actor Shawn Fonteno — loosely based meaning Franklin's movement patterns in GTA V was ripped off from Fonteno's own movement patterns via motion capture. This week, he posts a new photo of himself donning his motion capture suit in front of a GTA Vice City framed poster, making the GTA V community wonder what his post could possibly mean. One thing is for sure: Fonteno is recording new dialogue and motion captures for something new coming to GTA V.

Movie Pilot reports that last year, Fonteno also leaked some GTA V information through Instagram, suggesting that his GTA V character, Franklin, may be getting his own GTA spin-off story. Since GTA V Online's release, however, the GTA V community has yet to see a Franklin story DLC. Fonteno's new tease, however, might be proof that the Franklin story is coming soon, to either GTA V or GTA Online.

GTA V fans have also been clamoring and tirelessly petitioning Rockstar to revive the nostalgic Vice City, and with Fonteno's post, GTA V fans might actually be getting what they want soon.

iDigitalTimes writes that this new project could also mean the GTA V DLC leaked previously by user funmw2 on the GTA Forums is real. According to funmw2, this single-player DLC will involve GTA Online Heists character Agent 14. To support his claims, funmw2 puts down the lines of code he discovered in the GTA V script containing the possible involvement of Agent 14 in a new single-player DLC for GTA V.

Another rumor is also going around with Fonteno's tease that a Casino Heist DLC will be available next week. YouTube user Madgaz has posted, to YouTube, a GTA V playthrough video showing the Casino banner, showing "Opening next week."

GTA V player and YouTuber, Stevie, also went to Twitter to consult people regarding the supposed Casino Heist DLC coming to GTA V next week, and it's interesting to note that Rockstar Support went through the trouble of answering his tweet, despite not being tagged in the said tweet.

These being said, surely something is up behind this Casino, and we can only wait around for Rockstar to release their final words on the matter.

Both Fonteno's tease and Madgaz' leak are, as of this writing, unofficial rumors, and Rockstar has yet to release official announcements regarding these. Stay tuned for confirmation of these rumors and more GTA V and GTA Online news.