Sam Smith Working On New Collabo With Disclosure

Sam Smith was back on stage on Sunday after having been away from the music scene for about three weeks after undergoing vocal cord surgery in May.

This was following a hemorrhage in the cords, which led to the procedure, consequently leading to the cancellation of planned Sam Smith performances.

Sam Smith’s Sunday performance held in London was graced by the Chic band, which features Nile Rodgers, and included stars such as Poppy, the socialite and supermodel Cara Delevingne.

Sam Smith later on took a picture with Nile and wrote the following on Instagram.

“Loved seeing one of my favorite people today!! @nilerodgers!! Every time I see you perform it brings me so much happiness.”

Now, however, Sam Smith is said to be working on a collabo with Disclosure. The electronic music duo comprised of two brothers, Guy and Howard Lawrence, is one of the most successful groups in the genre, having first been catapulted into stardom after their release of “Latch” in 2012, which featured Sam Smith vocals. The song became an instant hit in the UK Singles Chart.

The group proceeded to produce a number of great hits and in 2013, Disclosure was voted into the Hot Ten For 2013 list on BBC’s Radio 1xtra. “White Noise” and “You & Me” hit singles made it to the top ten in the country’s charts.

As such, the group’s forthcoming album called Caracal, is widely anticipated (a caracal is a wild cat usually around three feet long, found in Africa) and will feature Sam Smith. Below is the trailer.

As to why they chose to include Sam Smith.

“It just would have felt wrong to not have him on the record… We speak to Sam everyday. He’s our best mate. And he’s the best singer in the world. Why would we not put him on the record?”

Howard told Entertainment Weekly.

Since featuring in their Latch album, Sam Smith has received numerous awards for his songs and his popularity has gone through the roof, but according to the two brothers, fame hasn’t changed the “I’m Not The Only One” singer.

Howard stated the following in relation to their collaboration with Sam Smith.

“We got bought a lot of time by “Latch” actually. We wrote it over three years ago now and it only really got [to the U.S.] last year. So we didn’t feel too rushed—I feel that’s often a thing with second albums. [And] I didn’t feel much pressure in terms of having to top the last record or anything. I just felt like we had to make the best one we can. And we’ve both gotten better at making music.”

[Photo by Ray-Ban via Getty Images]