Brian Wilson Could Be Out For The Season After Elbow Surgery

San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson is, according to a report by The Huffington Post, quite likely headed into surgery after an MRI revealed that his right elbow has structural damage and a ligament issue which could jeopardize his ability to play this season.

Athletic trainer Dave Groeschner and Manager Bruce Bochy said that the baseball club would seek at least two additional opinions, including that of orthopedist Dr. James Andrews who performs ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction (more commonly known as Tommy John surgery). In regards to Wilson’s injured right elbow, Bochy was quoted having said:

“There’s definitely some issues there. Initially I was just being optimistic he would be fine, but after the test done yesterday it doesn’t look very good right now… Likely he’s looking at surgery.”

Tommy John surgery typically results a recovery period of 12 to 18 months. Team managers have made note of the fact that players have been able to return to the game on the shorter end of the aforementioned recovery period.

Groeschner said that the reconstructive elbow surgery “would be a possibility” in light of the structural issues discovered by the recent MRI. He also acknowledged that the surgery had the potential to cost the relief pitcher his season. Groeschner was quoted having said:

“There’s some concern. He’s stiff. He can’t move it great. It’s not really anything you can see visually.”

After 32 pitches in Colorado on Thursday, Wilson felt something in his elbow, but it wasn’t until Friday that he decided to tell the team. In regards to his injury, Bochy said:

“You feel for Willie, he’s worked hard on his rehab, he’s been down a long road. We didn’t have any hiccups, it all went well. Spring training went well with the rehab, we checked off every box with him, back-to-back days. It looked like he was all set to go and this happens. You’re disappointed for Willie, first of all, and obviously for the team. We have a good bullpen. We’ll figure a way to get this done. Certainly, we’ll miss him.”

Do you think Brian Wilson’s injury will leave him out for the season while recovering from Tommy John surgery?