‘Big Brother 17’: Liz And Julia Nolan Set For The ‘Twin’ Twist [Photos]

Big Brother 17 got started Wednesday night, and host Julie Chen left viewers hanging. One houseguest is an identical twin, and will play the game with her sibling, posing as one person. If they can survive five evictions, they earn the right to both enter the game and play as individuals. Big Brother will reveal Thursday night which houseguest is at the center of the twin twist.

Savvy Big Brother watchers have already figured out it must be Liz Nolan, who has a twin sister, Julia. But as Big Brother Access pointed out, there may be a small problem: Julia and Liz don’t seem to look exactly alike, and five weeks is a long time to keep up such a major facade.

“If we can spot the difference just in cast photos, how long could Liz Nolan and Julia Nolan really keep their Twin Twist secret face to face with the other Houseguests?”

Chen did specify the houseguest involved is an “identical” twin, precluding the possibility that Shelli Poole, who has a fraternal (male) twin, could somehow be swapping places with her sibling.

The tweets that have circulated, supposedly of pictures of the twins, indicate Julia seems to have larger eyes and a differently-shaped nose. Lighting and makeup could be at work, however. There is also no indication of the age of the photos.

As Bustle pointed out, the twin twist was last used in season 5.

Liz Nolan’s official Big Brother cast bio lists her profession as “marketing coordinator.” The Miami New Times reported that she works for an events website, The New Tropic. She is also the first Big Brother contestant from Miami, although others such as Frankie Grande have hailed from South Florida.

Matthew Boyer at Big Brother Network wrote that the twins should be switching in the diary room and will have the chance to update each other on goings-on. Boyer expects super fans such as Steve Moses, who was in the cast announcement but has not as yet been seen entering the house, to catch on to the twist.

On Wednesday night, the first eight houseguests were informed of the “BB Takeover” twist, but given few details of how that will work in practice.

The two-part season premiere of Big Brother 17 continues Thursday night on CBS.

[Image via Bustle]