'Fallout 4' Mods Still Need Sony's Approval Before Coming To PS4

David Stonecipher

Scattered in the details of this month's surprise Fallout 4 announcement, Bethesda confirmed that Xbox One owners will be able to download player-made mods alongside PC players. While the developer has expressed their intent to also make Fallout 4 mods available on the PlayStation 4, the feature has not yet been officially confirmed for Sony's current-gen platform.

Allowing console owners to install mods for Fallout 4 would give users the ability to enjoy a part of gaming that is normally reserved exclusively for PC players. With the Xbox One already locked in to gain access to Fallout 4 mods, Bethesda is now working to ensure that the PS4 is also able to benefit from user-built mods.

However, the decision to put mods on the PlayStation 4 isn't entirely up to Bethesda alone; Sony still has the final say in whether mods will be available to Fallout 4 players on the PS4. Speaking to Digital Spy, Fallout 4 game director Todd Howard once again expressed the studio's hope to bring mods to all platforms.

Unfortunately, the developer admitted that adding the feature is entirely up to Sony's discretion and it appears that an official decision has still not yet been reached. After being asked if they will put Fallout 4 mods on the PS4, Howard replied that it will definitely happen once they get approval.

"We will be. Well, we're going to make every effort to. If Sony says no, we won't, but I don't think they will."

The developer has a tradition of releasing full modding tools for their games such as The Elder Scrolls series as well as past installments of their post-apocalyptic franchise. Bethesda has already announced their plans to continue supporting player-made mods for Fallout 4 by once again releasing a full creation kit to make the modding process simpler.

Detailing Bethesda's plans on how mods will be delivered to consoles, the Inquisitr reported last week that the creation tools will be released early next year. Fallout 4 mods will then be available first on PC, followed later by their Xbox One debut. They would likely then come to the PS4 shortly after if Sony decides to approve the feature as expected.

What are your thoughts on Fallout 4 mods? Are you strictly a console gamer who has always wanted to try out PC mods?

[Images via the Bethesda Blog]