‘Arrow’ Season 4: Casting A New Mayor And New Recurring Character, Plus A Premiere Date

The Arrow Season 4 premiere may be months away still, but that doesn’t mean that fans have to wait that long to find out what to expect this fall. In fact, details have already been revealed about two new characters that will be appearing in the new season.

First, here’s some good news: the Arrow Season 4 premiere has an airdate. The CW has announced, as you can see in the tweet below from the show’s writers, that the new season kicks off on Wednesday, October 7, at 8 p.m., followed by the Supernatural Season 11 premiere. (Supernatural will be remaining in that 9 p.m. Wednesday time slot after moving back to that night. It starts off Season 10 on Tuesdays.)

So far, not too much is known about the new season, though as the Inquisitr previously reported, for those wondering if John Barrowman would be back as Malcolm Merlyn (who became the new Ra’s al Ghul in the Season 3 finale, as part of his deal with Oliver), he will return.

Now for those wondering about new characters coming in, TVLine has revealed that fans will first see a “heavily recurring character of a twentysomething African American male who is a technological savant on par with Ms. Smoak” beginning with Episode 2.

Since the team already has Felicity to work her magic on the computers, and it is hard to imagine her and Oliver being away from Starling City for too long into the premiere, let alone going into the second episode, it could very well be that this new character is going to be part of the new enemy that they will be facing in Arrow Season 4.

In other new character news, E! Online has reported that the series wants “a big name” for a new guest star, Patty.

A mayoral candidate – remember, the mayor was killed last season by Maseo, while Ra’s al Ghul did everything he could in order to get Oliver to take his place – Patty is “deeply committed to her city and willing to risk her life to stand up for the people,” and has a daughter, whom she cares for “above all else.”

Given what happened to the last mayor and what happens to the city every year in the spring – Lance even remarked in the Season 3 finale, “The city’s under attack? Must be May” – that last bit of the character’s description might as well be a requirement to hold any position in Starling.

Patty also has a connection to the Queen family, as she was Moira’s old friend and “once close with Oliver and Thea.”

These character details raise a few questions. Who’s her daughter? For how many episodes will she be part of Arrow Season 4? Though she knew the Queens, what will her relationship with them be like now?

Finally, for those attending Comic-Con, one of the Warner Bros. hotel keycard designs is for Arrow.

Arrow Season 4 premieres Wednesday, October 7, at 8 p.m. on the CW.