Jacoby Ellsbury Injury: Dislocated Shoulder, Out For Six To Eight Weeks

During the Red Sox home opener, Rays’ shortstop Reid Brignac fell on top of Jacoby McCabe Ellsbury’s right shoulder and dislocated it, leaving Boston’s center fielder unable to play for the next six to weight weeks. The initial report on his dislocated shoulder, according to a team source quoted by Boston.com, was:

“It’s not good.”

Ellsbury, the first Native American of Navajo descent to make it to the Major Leagues, was first drafted by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, who he chose not sign with, and then later drafted 23rd overall by the Red Sox in 2005. He’s the first Sox player ever to join the 30-30 club, which he managed to pull off in a game against the Yankees back in September of 2011.

After Jacoby’s attempt to dismantle a double play off a grounder smacked by Dustin Pedroia, he was helped up by trainers as he walked off of the field holding his arm closely to his body.

In a season that has already started off on the wrong foot with the loss of left fielder Carl Crawford, who is currently out with an injured wrist and elbow, the Sox could certainly go without the loss of their lead-off hitter and center fielder Ellsbury. In regards to Jacoby’s recent shoulder injury, Pedroia was quoted having said:

“He’s a huge part of our team. You don’t want your guys to go down. We hope he’s fine.”

According to Kevin Youkilis, Ellsbury told him that, “He felt something move in his shoulder.” Adrian Gonzalez was quoted having said:

“Hope the MRI shows there’s no structural damage and that it’s just sore and he’ll be back in a few days. I feel badly for him. He’s a guy who loves to play and he helped us win a game today. He’s very valuable to our team. All we can do now is pray for him.”

What are your thoughts on Jacoby Ellsbury being sidelined with a shoulder injury after dislocating his right shoulder during the opening home game for the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park?