Newlyweds Win $15 Million: ‘It Still Kind Of Hasn’t Sunk In’ [Video]

What would you do with a $15 million win? Two Cape Cod newlyweds now know, after a lucky win of a whopping $15 million in the Massachusetts State Lottery. Stacey Foster, of Orleans, was driving with her newlywed husband last weekend when they purchased a ticket at a store along Route 6 in Eastham, Massachusetts. Turns out it was a smart move, when the couple snagged a $15 million win with the purchase.

The couple had just married May 1, 2015.

Stacy and her husband, David, claimed their $15 million prize Monday at the Massachusetts State Lottery’s Braintree headquarters, the agency said in a statement, reports the Boston Globe. The win is the largest offered on a state instant “scratch and win” ticket, reports the Boston Globe.

The newlyweds say they will use their $15 million on student loans, and can now buy a house and a new truck at the start of their newlywed life.

News Max reports that “when the couple entered Tedeschi Food Shops, they initially selected a ticket from behind a closed register. The clerk told them to choose one from behind the next open register, so they did.” The $30 Supreme Millions ticket turned out to be the newlyweds big win.

“They were just at the right place at the right time,” Chester Cichaski, Stacy Foster’s father, told reporters about the newlyweds on Tuesday. “It still kind of hasn’t sunk in,” he said.

The newlyweds chose a one-time payout of $9.75 million, although that amount is before taxes, News Max reports. Tedeschi Food Shops, the store that sold the big win ticket, will also get $50,000 for selling a winning ticket.

The Fosters are not the first lucky newlyweds to win big. The Boston Globe reports that last year, newlyweds Steve and Wilma Durbin won with a $20 million jackpot only two weeks after their wedding, NewsMax reported. “Durbin had been grocery shopping at a Kroger store in Illinois when he picked the winning numbers on the lottery ticket he decided to purchase.” The newlyweds told reporters they would “spend some, share some, and save some” with their win.

“First I married Wilma, then I won the lottery; I feel like I hit the jackpot twice,” Steve Durbin told the media.

Nearly 3 million Supreme Millions tickets have been sold in Massachusetts since the game was launched on April 28 of this year, officials told the Boston Globe. Tickets are sold for $30 each, and three more $15 million prizes and 61 $1 million prizes remain. Now, the question is which newlyweds will be next to win a big prize.

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