Lingerie Football League Goes On Hiatus, Will Start Again Next Spring

Who wants to see a bunch of women in lingerie and football pads throwing the pigskin around on the gridiron? Apparently no one. Well, at least not this year. The U.S. Lingerie Football League is forgoing the 2012 season in order to promote the sport abroad.

Spokesman Jim Wallin said that the LFL will resume playing next April for a spring / summer schedule. Wallin said that the lingerie football players will go on an “All Fantasy Tour” to promote the sport in places like Mexico, Asia and Australia.

Wallin said:

“Since premiering in 2009, LFL United States has drawn incredible success which has included sell-out crowds, aggressive franchise expansion and record television ratings, all of which leading to being called the fastest- growing sports league in the U.S. as per Businessweek. Despite this success, we feel that our U.S. franchise can reach greater heights with a shift of our regular season schedule from a fall and winter format to spring and summer schedule. Thus in 2012, we have officially moved, not suspended the LFL U.S. season to April 2013. This move in schedule enables our LFL US teams extra preparation which ultimately will greatly improve the product on the field in 2013.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the LFL will also be launching a league in Canada this Fall and an Australian league in 2013.

The Lingerie Football League was started in California three years ago. The games feature seven-member female teams competing in lingerie and football pads. There are currently 11 teams from 11 cities in the United States.

Are you a fan of the LFL? Are you heartbroken that you won’t be able to watch Lingerie Football this year?