‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Prequel Cast Revealed: Mega Star Will Play Jax Teller’s Father, And Favorite Character Returns

“Sons of Anarchy prequel – please!”

This has been the collective cry of devastated Sons of Anarchy fans since the show’s final episode aired in December, 2014.

Producer Kurt Sutter started talking about a possible Sons of Anarchy prequel for the show had even finished, and it appears that he has been true to his word.

Not only is the Sons of Anarchy prequel in the works, but no less than a mega star playing the new lead role. As Crossmap reported, Charlie Hunnam will most likely reprise his role as Jax Teller in the Sons of Anarchy prequel, but the main role will be played by Brad Pitt as John Teller, Jax’s father and one of the founding members of the motorcycle gang.

Fans have wondered whether Charlie Hunnam would be put out by the thought of being overshadowed by such an A-list celebrity in the Sons of Anarchy prequel, but always the professional, Charlie is thrilled that the Sons of Anarchy prequel will be headlined by such a huge name.

Even back in January, 2015, Charlie Hunnam spoke with Men’s Journal about Producer Kurt Sutter’s plans for a Sons of Anarchy prequel.

“He’s trying to do a prequel, which I would love to see. Kurt is trying to get it going. Did you read that about Brad Pitt maybe playing my dad? Brad Pitt as John Teller. How awesome would that be?”

Charlie Hunnam also revealed the difficulties that he had working with Kurt Sutter, leading him to have reservations about the extent of the role he will play in the Sons of Anarchy prequel.

“I love that guy, but it was hard for us to work together sometimes because we’re both crazy f***s. Kurt and I never blasted each other in the face, but I’ll say it got close. There has been security rushing onto set and pulling us apart before.”

In an interesting twist, many Sons of Anarchy fans have been most excited about the return of the character Opie Winston in the Sons of Anarchy prequel, who was killed off in Season 5 of the original show. Opie didn’t feature in a recent Sons of Anarchy music video which starred several of the main characters from the show, giving fans even more reason to look forward to his return in the Sons of Anarchy prequel.

Sons of Anarchy prequel movie, staring Charlie Hunnam and Brad Pitt, AND THEY’RE BRINGING OPIE BACK!! When can I buy my tickets? — Becca Miner (@BangBangBecca) June 21, 2015

With Opie’s return imminent, YouTube footage of actor Ryan Hurst saying goodbye to his character Opie Winston has resurfaced and started making the rounds on social media again.

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