Why Matilda Kahl Wore The Same Outfit To Work Every Day For 3 Years

George Zapo

Matilda Kahl decided to put an end to her frustration of having to choose an outfit for work each day. After careful consideration, the art director found a solution to her daily struggle and decided to wear the same outfit to work every day, for the last three years.

Matilda's answer came to her in the form of 15 silk white blouses and six black trousers. She also adds a black leather bow to lend some flair to her outfit.

Kahl explained the process of determining her wardrobe to Business Insider.

"I was looking for something that was simple yet wouldn't feel too anonymous. After a few long days hunting for the right top, I fell in love with the white blouse for its diagonal line of buttons and the cuts in the sleeves. It felt personal but wasn't too attention-drawing."

Matilda Kahl was uncertain of how her coworkers would react to her wearing the same outfit to work each day. After all, Kahl is an art director at Saatchi & Saatchi--one of the leading creative advertising agencies in New York.

The creative young woman shares her coworker's reaction.

"I'm happy to say we don't talk about it much, which was the whole idea behind the uniform. To take focus away from the wardrobe and lay it on the work instead."

Matilda explained how wearing the same outfit affected her daily routine.

"Nowadays, I never have to rush through the process of putting together an outfit, so the whole experience has become a lot more enjoyable. It has really made me more appreciative of the clothes I own--they feel more special now when I don't wear them every day."

Kahl shared her reaction to the overwhelming response to her story.

"The response has been overwhelming since Harper's posted the article. I never thought the public would think it's such big of a deal, but wearing a uniform as a woman is apparently more provocative than I could ever imagine."

When asked whether she will continue wearing the same outfit to work in the future, Matilda offered a simple explanation.

"If I wake up one day and feel like start spending time on picking out an outfit every morning of the week, I'd have no problem with giving it up. The uniform is here for me, I'm not here for the uniform."