'Under The Dome' Season 3 Spoilers Tease New Faces, Alliances, And More

Under The Dome will premiere Season 3 on Thursday night, and fans can expect some more twists and turns as the residents of Chester's Mill deal with life inside the dome.

Season 3 will feature some new characters and surprising alliances. Marg Helgenberger has joined the cast, and her character is complex. The actress spoke about her role in an interview with TV Insider.

"In the first of the two episodes, which are going to air back-to-back, my character is introduced as a therapist helping the people of Chester's Mill deal with grief—but that's an alternate reality. The second episode is a whole other situation. She's an anthropologist who's been hired by this company to come to Chester's Mill to investigate the egg they found in a meteorite."
One of the sneak peeks released for the Under The Dome premiere show Helgenberger in a scene with Barbara, and it is rather confusing. It appears the clip is set at a time in the future after the dome comes down. It also appears Barbara is there to pay his respects to the dead. Julia and several others have died.

Another sneak peek released for the episode shows Barbara finding the bodies of Julia, Big Jim, and Junior.

However, this is in some kind of alternate reality, which Helgenberger also touches on briefly in her interview with TV Insider.

"Then there's a bit of an Invasion of the Body Snatchers thing that goes on later with several people, including Christine. It turns out she has a mission. There are certain citizens of the town who are more vulnerable—and she gets them to become her associates."
A third sneak peek for the premiere focuses in on Big Jim, and he thinks he is still the one in charge of the town.

However, Big Jim may have been right about the dome all along. TV Guide shared new spoilers about an alliance between Big Jim and Julia. She may start to see things his way during Season 3.

Neal Baer teased a bit about the alliance that will form between the two enemies during the season ahead.

"Julia and Big Jim become - I wouldn't say bosom buddies, but they certainly become allies against everyone. They unite against the enemy within. That's the theme of this season... struggling to live under the dome and fight the enemy within. And it's not Big Jim. Big Jim and Julia really come to terms where he says, 'You've always said the Dome was here to protect us. You've always had faith in the Dome. You're wrong.' And Julia comes to see that maybe Big Jim is right."
Under The Dome has become one of the biggest summer hits airing on CBS. It is not the only series returning to CBS as summer begins. Extant will return to CBS next week with Season 2, and fans of that series can expect to see some big changes too.

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