Joyce Mitchell’s Husband Lyle On ‘Today’ Show With Matt Lauer: ‘She Didn’t Know If I Loved Her Anymore, Swore No Sex’ With Escapees [Video]

The woman at the center of the escaped prisoners story, Joyce Mitchell, is in jail. As reported by the Inquisitr, Joyce may have had sex with both Richard Matt and David Sweat — but on Tuesday, the prison worker’s husband, Lyle Mitchell, spoke to Matt Lauer about his wife. As reported by NBC News, Joyce told her husband that she didn’t know if Lyle loved her anymore, and to get attention, she got too involved with Matt. Lyle’s wife tells a much different story than the inappropriate contact that other prison employees say they witnessed between Joyce and the men.

“It’s been rough.”

Lyle said he was taking each of the last 18 days on a day by day basis. He was at the hospital because his wife was having chest pains. Joyce was hospitalized the night she suffered an anxiety attack — the same day that Sweat and Matt escaped.

“I couldn’t believe it.”

Lyle said Matt wanted Joyce to pick him up after their escape. Mitchell told her husband, Lyle, that the escaped prisoner threatened her if she didn’t go along with their plans to kill her husband. Joyce reportedly told her husband that she was in too deep and that she loved him and couldn’t go through with the death plans.

“Mr. Mitchell, your wife has more involvement that you know.”

About reports of Joyce falling in love with Richard, Lyle claims his wife told him that the prisoner tried to kiss her but she rebuffed his advances.

“I got something else to tell you. Your plan was that they want to kill you.”

Joyce said that’s when Matt started threatening her when Joyce supposedly rebuked his advances. As for the claims that Joyce slept with one or both men, Lyle says Joyce flat out denied those reports.

“Absolutely not. She swore on her son’s life that she never had sex with him. It was like a fantasy. That’s what she told me. It was attention.”

Lyle denied the reports that he stands 100 percent behind his wife, who is facing several charges. He doesn’t know if he would testify against Joyce. There’s so much going through his mind, he claimed. Mitchell doesn’t know what to believe about his wife — and Lauer walked Lyle through the rationale that Joyce might’ve considered going through with the murder plot, but had second thoughts when she realized she loved her husband.

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