Classic moments in radio: Jamie Foxx goes Miley Cyrus

Comedian Jamie Foxx has a radio show on Sirius called the Fox Hole. For those unfamiliar with US satellite radio, one of the benefits is that it doesn’t suffer from the same “obscenity” restrictions that traditional radio in the US does. That unrestricted format allows for a more fluid conversation, and it would appear that Foxx takes full advantage of it.

Take for example his exchange with a co-host and guest about Miley Cyrus. The segment starts with a reference to Miley saying she would destroy RadioHead, then gets better from there. The three suggest among other things that Miley “needs to get a gum transplant,” “make a sex tape with your daddy,” “get like Britney Spears…do some heroin,” “get some crack in your pipe” and “catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat.”

Here’s the classic moment in radio: Jamie Foxx goes Miley Cyrus. Note the audio is NSFW: