Lisa Lampanelli: Pounds Stay Off Three Years After Weight Loss Surgery, Lampanelli Looks Great

Lisa Lampanelli has lost over 100 pounds since undergoing weight loss surgery back in 2013, and the comedian has been able to keep the weight off thanks to a new healthy lifestyle. According to NewsOXY, Lisa Lampanelli underwent gastric sleeve surgery in 2012 when she weighed about 250 pounds. Since then, she has changed the way she eats, and has added exercise into her life in order to maintain her new body.

Lisa Lampanelli pounds

Lampanelli says she’s happy to get another go at life.

“I turned back the clock. I’m reliving my life. I just felt like I was 19 again and could do things over. The only reason I was allowed to have a career for a quarter century as an insult comic is because it’s all in jest and all for fun. I’m cutting out a little just because acts aren’t the same they were years ago – you kind of grow as a person and a performer. I still do the same kind of comedy, but underneath, there are more true stories – more of a message of ‘I’m still working on myself and you guys can, too.'”

Lisa Lampanelli dropped about 107 pounds in the first several months after surgery. Her transformation has made headlines in the past, many people were simply amazed at how well this turned out for her. She says that she used to emotionally eat, and that she has learned how to curb those bad habits.

According to Softpedia, Lisa Lampanelli has offered some advice to those who’d like to undergo weight loss surgery.

“If you have tried everything that you wanted to try for weight loss and have a clear conscience about every angle and every diet and every exercise program that you think is necessary for you to experiment with before – and you can really look at yourself in the mirror and go, ‘I can’t stop the self hate and the eating without getting the weight off first, and then I’ll tackle the emotional issues’ – then get it done. Don’t get it done if you think the surgery ends the problem.”

Lisa Lampanelli isn’t the only celeb to drop 100 pounds after weight loss surgery either. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Magic Johnson’s son, EJ — a star on Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills — has also lost significant weight following surgery. EJ Johnson lost over 100 pounds, becoming half his size in the months following his successful surgery.

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