Liam Payne: New Video Is Joke Payback, Shields Louis’ Pranks

One Direction is on tour, and rumors have resurfaced that Liam Payne might be quitting. But if you read between the lines, it appears that Liam Payne has been the butt of a few jokes and water attacks — and he does not take the issue lying down.

Liam Payne has been getting teased a lot lately — but is this warranted? Recently, Liam Payne has been “heckled” by Richard Ayoade, his girlfriend was attacked, and the media keeps insisting that he will leave One Direction next.

OK Magazine reports on June 22 that Liam Payne sent out a tweet on June 20 that left fans wondering if he was going to quit. Thankfully, fans quickly got a response within 24 hours directly from Liam Payne on Twitter reassuring them he was not quitting One Direction.

While it may have seemed like Liam Payne was teasing fans with that tweet or toying with their hearts — that was not Liam’s intentions.

Unfortunately, for those that play jokes on him, they learn quickly that Liam Payne is very clear that payback is going to happen (especially if it is a water fight on stage) — and it is usually all go0d-natured fun.

Nevertheless, Liam Payne recently went in a new direction with comedy. On June 16, the Mirror U.K. reports that Liam Payne heckled Andy Murray — but it was for a good cause. To promote a charity called UNICEF, Liam Payne agreed to antagonize tennis star Andy Murray.

Quickly following that, on June 22, Liam Payne was in another video released for UNICEF where he is getting heckled by Richard Ayoade. All of this return fire is for a good cause, but are there times that Liam Payne has a gleam of evil in his eyes?

Louis Tomlinson is known as an instigator for pranks within One Direction, but it appears that Liam Payne takes it well.

For example, when Louis Tomlinson wanted to chide Liam Payne on stage in Oslo, Liam brushed him off. Because Liam was ignoring Louis, Louis retaliated by popping him in the crotch with his microphone. An obvious low-blow in every way, Liam Payne played off the incident, but it was clear that he would be getting Louis back.

The torment did not end there, and Louis Tomlinson was later sneaking off stage to attack Liam Payne’s girlfriend, Sophia, with water.

Who is winning the Louis Tomlinson versus Liam Payne water fight — and does Liam care? The jury may be out with that game score speculation, but fans can be assured Liam Payne still has plenty of comedic bite in him — especially when it comes to words.

Over the past years of fame with One Direction, Liam Payne has been the target of angry fans of other celebrities. In short, fans have not appreciated Liam Payne making fun of their beloved stars, such as Justin Bieber.

When Zayn Malik left One Direction, fans were also incensed that Liam Payne may have been “making fun” of Zayn.

RTE states, “After fans accused Liam Payne of ‘erasing’ Zayn Malik from the group, he followed up by tweeting: ‘Some people can’t take a joke… Bit of banter guys chill out’ and ‘Never mind.'”

While Liam Payne may not be consciously carving out a solo jokester career, One Direction seems to always be willing to participate in comedy. One Direction’s most recent claims to comedy fame are SNL, Late, Late Show with James Corden, and Red Nose Day — with many more likely to come.

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