Sword Trick Viral: Drunk Guy Chops Off Friend’s Nose While Attempting Drunken Sword Trick [Video]

Drunken moments are all fun and games filled with laughter and giggling about things you probably won’t remember the next day. However, one drunk guy has absolutely no choice but to remember the horrific events that took place as a result of a drunken moment gone terribly wrong.

Apparently, one of his drunk friends thought it would be fun to perform an adventurous sword trick, but unfortunately, things didn’t exactly go as planned. In fact, the guy almost lost his entire nose. Needless to say, this video is a prime example of what experts mean when they urge people not to try certain things at home!

The 33-second clip begins with the guy holding food – presumably a hot dog – in his mouth while the drunk guy swings the sword in an attempt to slice it in half. A number of their friends can be seen and heard in the background of the video encouraging the risky act. Although the drunk guy tries his best to stay focused, his unsteady hand makes it quite clear that he’s extremely intoxicated and obviously unable to concentrate. Once he does muster up the courage to swing, the unthinkable happens.

The drunk guy misses the hot dog and severs his friend’s nose instead. Everyone is immediately shocked by the gory seen as the other guy grabs his face. The clip initially plays in real time, which makes the chop relatively difficult to see. But, when the video rewinds with a slow-motion, instant replay of the horrific moment the drunk guy’s grave mistake is quite noticeable. At one point, blood can be seen on the guy’s face.

The clip was uploaded to World Star Hip Hip on June 22. In less than one full day, the video has gone viral with more than 800,000 views. Most viewers agree that this is something no one should ever try at home or otherwise.

Would you trust a drunk friend with a sword? Share your thoughts.

[Image via WSHH Screen Capture]