‘Bachelorette’ Britt Nilsson Thanks Brady Toops For Inspiring And Encouraging Her

Are Britt Nilsson and Brady Toops still dating? While the two seem to be keeping the answer to that question under wraps, Britt did reveal on Monday that she and Brady are at least still friends and talking to one another.

Prior to the airing of the latest episode of The Bachelorette, Britt posted a lengthy message about God. At the end of the message, Britt, who was apparently feeling down, thanked Brady, who is also a devout Christian, for inspiring and encouraging her.

“(thank you to @bradytoops for some truly inspiring food for thought & encouragement today, I really needed it).”


At the beginning of the season, Brady left the competition after learning that Kaitlyn Bristowe, and not Britt, was staying on as the Bachelorette. He left in pursuit of Britt because he felt that his heart was with her. At the end of Monday night’s episode, viewers were given a brief update on Britt and Brady. Britt was shown introducing Brady to her mom, who later remarked that Brady seemed to be more of a friend than a boyfriend. Britt replied that she and Brady haven’t been together for long and that she wants him to be more than a friend.

Yet as the episode aired, Brady prompted questions of whether he and Britt are already over by posting a photo of him and Kaitlyn from night one. Brady declared that Kaitlyn “really is such a beautiful person!” Yet Brady did clarify that he stands by his decision to leave and that Britt “is obviously amazing as well.”


The fact that Britt Nilsson, who constantly updates her Instagram page, has not posted any photos of herself with Brady Toops in the past three weeks has prompted some viewers to speculate that she and Brady are no longer dating. Brady last posted a photo of himself with Britt, in which he’s hugging her, a week ago. As the Inquisitr reported, the photo wasn’t a new one and was likely taken more than two weeks ago.

While the latest episode showed Brady Toops and Britt Nilsson still going strong, it showed Kaitlyn Bristowe having a much more difficult time with her journey. In Dublin, Ireland, Kaitlyn had sex with Nick Viall after spending the day with him on a one-on-one date. The next morning, she immediately fretted about the consequences of her action, specifically how the other men still in the competition would feel and what they would do. The preview for next week’s The Bachelorette episode shows Kaitlyn, Nick, and some of the other men in tears after she reveals the truth to all.

[Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images]