November 9, 2016
George Zimmerman's Alleged Shooter Pleads 'Not Guilty'

The man accused of shooting at George Zimmerman didn't appear in court on Monday, and he isn't expected to appear on his scheduled date on Tuesday, but he did reportedly enter a written plea. CBS News Miami reports that the Florida man entered a plea of "not guilty," via written document. This comes after numerous reports have declared that the man would cite the Stand Your Ground law with regard to the attempted shooting of the man acquitted in the slaying of Trayvon Martin.

Matthew Apperson has claimed from the beginning that Zimmerman threatened him with a firearm, which led him to shoot at the man in self defense. However, authorities in Lake Mary, Florida, say that this didn't happen. Instead, they say that Apperson has some sort of obsession with George Zimmerman, and they accuse him of instigating this latest incident. On the other hand, Apperson was the target of reported threats last year when Zimmerman allegedly brandished a firearm at him during a road rage incident. So it's simply not known for a fact what actually happened.

CBS News reported on the road rage incident a year ago, sharing that George Zimmerman may have threatened the man with both his name and his gun. He allegedly said "Do you know who I am?" before threatening to kill Apperson. Zimmerman was never prosecuted for this alleged incident, as with the rest of the criminal problems he has faced since being acquitted in Trayvon's death.

As far as social media is going, public sentiment for George Zimmerman is about the same as it's always been -- especially in light of the recent shooting in South Carolina.

Do you think Apperson is going to continue with the Stand Your Ground defense in regards to his attempted shooting of George Zimmerman?

Photo: Lake Mary Police mugshot/Matthew Apperson