Venezuelan TV Presenter Is Predicting Copa America Results With Her Breasts, And She’s Surprisingly Good

Venezuelan television presenters certainly have a unique way of celebrating the Copa America. Just a few days after a presenter shed her clothes to celebrate Venezuela’s victory over Colombia, it’s been revealed that another Venezuelan presenter has been predicting Copa America results, with help from her breasts.

Videos of La Teta Teresa’s efforts have now been circulating across YouTube and they’ve been devoured by viewers in their droves. You can see her work for Desnudando La Noticia by clicking on this channel, or here. Warning it’s NSFW.

La Teta Teresa figures out who is going to win these encounters by placing flags over her breasts and then shaking them excessively. She waits to see which flag falls off first and then declares the one that is left on the winner.

It sounds like a fool proof plan, doesn’t it? Well, rather surprisingly, it’s working pretty well. Because out of eight guesses so far, La Teta Teresa has made five correct choices.

According to the Mirror, La Teta Teresa correctly guessed that Chile would beat Ecuador, Mexico and Boliva would draw, Uruguay would defeat Jamaica, Brazil would beat Peru, and Chile would win against Bolivia.

However, her breasts incorrectly predicted that Argentina would beat Paraguay (they drew), Chile would win against Mexico (again, they drew), and Mexico would beat Ecuador (Ecuador won).

Before the Copa America, eight television presenters for Desnudando La Noticia insisted that they would strip naked while reading the news every time Venezuela won a match. Yuvi Pallares did just that after Venezuela beat Colombia 1-0, while at the same time stating, “We just want to say well done to all the teams who appeared in these first games. A big kiss and a message to the national team – we’re with you.”

[Image via YouTube]