‘Big Brother 17’: Will Jackie Ibarra And Jeffrey Weldon Bring Their ‘Amazing Race’ Showmance To The New Cast?

When the Big Brother 17 cast was announced, diehard fans knew there was something fishy. The list included only 14 names, which simple math reveals isn’t enough for a 98-day season. Now, as the Inquisitr reported earlier today, it’s possible CBS inadvertently leaked the identities of two more additions to the Big Brother cast. They may be Jackie Ibarra and Jeffrey Weldon, who met as a “blind date” team on The Amazing Race.

The leak happened when CBS released a new promotional video with the announced cast members writing messages on post-its. The final clip showed a board with all the post-it notes together. There were 16 notes, not 14. Big Brother Network picked up that the handwriting of one of the messages matched that of Jackie’s on the Amazing Race flag. Big Brother Access noted that Jeff’s brother Eric recently took over his Facebook account and said he would be away for about four months. Both spoilers originally came from MissCleoBB, named after a Twitter account of the same name.

MissCleoBB also tweeted out Jeff and Jackie’s bios, which are loaded on CBS’ official Big Brother website. That might seem like a clear giveaway. However, their bios and information are identical to their bios on CBS’ official site for The Amazing Race.

So, who are Jeff Weldon and Jackie Ibarra?

Jackie is a 27-year-old professional dancer based in Las Vegas. Jeff is a 26-year-old account executive from Tampa. The pair finished seventh on The Amazing Race. In an exit interview with TV Guide, they revealed they planned to keep in touch after their Amazing Race adventure ended. Jackie denied they would maintain a relationship since they live in different cities.

“We’re definitely really good friends. Like I said on the show, he’s gonna be in my life forever. We’re not gonna share that experience with anyone else in the word. It’s something I will cherish forever. I’m here in Tampa visiting him. We watched this episode together. Dating, unfortunately, we just don’t live in the same city. I’m from Las Vegas. We’re both working on ourselves, going through life changes after the show and after the race and watching the show as well. We’re really good friends.”

Jeff agreed that if CBS had wanted to create long-term relationships through its “blind date” twist on The Amazing Race, they would have paired people based on geography.

Of course, if Jeff and Jackie want to take their relationship to the next level, geography is not a problem in the Big Brother house. Cameras will be there to capture every aspect of the courtship.

Big Brother 17 gets underway this Wednesday, June 24 on CBS.

[Jackie Ibarra and Jeff Weldon image: CBS]