Drake Interview With Sprite — Says ‘Do It The Way I Did’ [Video]

Drake has made it. There’s no doubt about his level of success. Even now, fans are anxiously awaiting his Views from the 6 album. In a recent documentary, Drizzy says to “do it” the way he did it.

What exactly does he mean? Well, Drake’s from Toronto. It wasn’t exactly the mecca of worldwide music stars at the time — like Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City, Nashville, etc. Drizzy’s music didn’t become stifled though. He was determined not to allow it’s location be a hindrance to his success.

As Fader mentions, Drake’s performances began in his hometown. Though it’s grown in notoriety, there were humble beginnings.

“Instead of traveling to a larger hub to get hot, he planted his feet and dedicated himself to putting his city on the map. Years later, having achieved that goal, he’s helped rewrite the rulebook of rap success.”

In a collaborative documentary with Sprite and Fader, Drake discusses his thoughts about being successful in the music industry. Aubrey Graham quotes as follows.

“Rap music has always been about story-telling. I’ve never seen the sense in crafting a story that isn’t my own. All I did was find a way to make people proud of our city. Do it the way I did it. Do it from where you at. If you have the music, that’s all it takes.

“Present it to the world, and they’ll tell you if it’s worth their time or not…Just rapping is really not that impressive anymore. There just has to be more. You have to be a multi-layered artist.”

The companies released an extended version of the trailer as well.

However, the full documentary will release on Wednesday, June 24, 2015. It includes Drake, Vince Staples, Nas, and Isaiah Rashad. Will you watch?

[Video Credits: Fader/YouTube — Photo Credits: Drake/Instagram]