Denise Richards Fires Back At Ex-Husband Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen spent Father’s Day attacking ex-wife Denise Richards through a series of Twitter rants in which Sheen said of Richards that she was a “heretic washed up piglet.” Adding insult to injury, Charlie went on to praise his third ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, who is the mother of his 6-year-old twin sons, Bob and Max.

“Brooke M is a sexy rok star whom I adore D Richards a heretic washed up piglet shame pile. Happy Father’s Day!!!… On FD (Father’s Day); Father’s Rights! I insist we devour the mendacity of these ‘kidnapping’ D Richards ‘types’ & bring justice to ‘us’.”

Denise wasn’t absent during these tweets. Ms. Richards was quick to respond to Sheen’s tweets with a response indicating that Charlie wasn’t nearly the perfect parent his social media posts might have indicated.

“Happy Dad’s Day! @charliesheen have a great trip in Mexico! Kids were disappointed u weren’t here for it – Hey we’ll celebrate when u r back!”

The great thing about social media sites like Twitter is the vast resource of supportive friends one has to draw from. Ms. Richards experienced this first-hand when Leeza Gibbons jumped in to defend Denise against Sheen’s Twitter attacks.

“Negative people have a problem for every solution. Ignore them if you can,” Gibbons told Richards. “The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become.”

“Yup ain’t that the truth,” Ms. Richards replied.

Clearly, Ms. Richards had hoped to end the incident there, but her ex-husband had more to say.

Charlie Sheen didn’t end his criticism of Denise’s parenting abilities with Twitter. Apparently, Sheen had far more to say about Richards than the site’s 140 character limit would allow, so Charlie continued his rant beyond the site. Mr. Sheen crafted a much longer “open letter to the media,” in which he continued to expound on Ms. Richards lack of parenting skills.

E! News reports that the letter saddled Denise with such derogatory nicknames as “worst mom alive” and an “evil terrorist,” but the letter has since been removed or made unavailable by the site on which Sheen had posted.

Currently, Denise Richards is filming the Riley Wood drama A Life Lived. It is not known whether Charlie Sheen is currently involved in a project, but there were rumors some time ago that Robert Kirkman was trying to recruit Sheen for a role on The Walking Dead.

[Featured image: Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards courtesy of Elsa/Getty Images]