June 22, 2015
Andi Dorfman Blasts 'Bachelorette' Nick Viall: 'Never Kiss And Tell Twice'

As Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette aired, Andi Dorfman again unleashed a barrage of tweets that criticized Nick Viall for pursuing Kaitlyn Bristowe. Immediately prior to the episode beginning, Andi warned her fans that she'll be letting loose thanks to some libations from Sharleen Joynt, who was on Juan Pablo Galavis' season of The Bachelor with her.

As the scene of Nick comforting Kaitlyn and making out with her after Ian Thomson bashed her and left aired, Andi made clear that she would rather not watch. Of course, since Andi was watching the episode live as it aired, she couldn't exactly fast forward through certain parts.

When it was revealed that Kaitlyn would be traveling to Dublin, Ireland, with her remaining group of men, including Nick, Andi apparently made sure that she got some more alcohol.
Andi then commented about the big reveal coming up that Kaitlyn had sex with one of the men.
In Dublin, Kaitlyn Bristowe granted the one-on-one date card to Nick Viall. The two strolled around the city, saw some Irish dancing, went to a pub, and enjoyed dinner. Kaitlyn, who made out with Nick throughout the date, wondered if they had too much chemistry. By the end of the night, Kaitlyn declared that Nick made her "feel like a woman... a desired woman" and invited him back to her hotel room to "hang out." Kaitlyn was filmed taking Nick into her bedroom suite and closing the door. Sounds could be heard coming from inside.

Andi Dorfman had something to say about the sounds coming from the suite.

The next morning, Nick was shown leaving Kaitlyn's hotel. Kaitlyn admitted to the camera that she had sex with Nick. When Nick saw the rest of the men, he went into detail about his date with Kaitlyn. While he didn't outright say that they had sex, Nick did talk about how much they drank, how "intimate" the date was, and the fact that they went back to her hotel room. Andi blasted Nick for having such loose lips.
When Andi was the star of the show last season, Nick publicly revealed, during the After the Final Rose special, that they had sex during their overnight fantasy suite date. Judging by Andi's tweets, she hasn't forgiven him for blabbing. As reported by the Inquisitr last week, Andi accused Nick of acting.

The preview for next week's episode of The Bachelorette hints that Kaitlyn Bristowe tells all of the men what exactly happened between her and Nick Viall as Kaitlyn, Nick, and several of the other men are shown crying. Andi Dorfman will probably have a lot more to say about next week's episode too!

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images]