Niall Horan: Getting Ready For Golf, Tour, Or Romance?

Lately, Niall Horan has been noted in the headlines for getting sick on stage in Oslo, Norway — and hanging out with the ladies. However, is Niall Horan really carousing around town with romance on his mind — or staying at home to nurse a cold?

Instead, Niall Horan’s Twitter account shows that he is more interested in golf than his recent time in Barcelona with Ariana Grande.

Despite this, the headlines are insinuating that Niall Horan may have been the reason that Big Sean and Ariana Grande decided to break up — if rumors published by KPop Starz on June 22 are true.

But it appears that the status of Ariana Grande’s love life is the last thing Niall Horan is concerned with. During the time Niall Horan was allegedly out with a mystery brunette or recovering from a cold due to his mini-trip to Barcelona, Niall was tweeting about golf.

On June 21 Niall Horan tweets, “That a boy rors! Cmoonnn! @McIlroyRory.” Die-hard Niall Horan fans should not be surprised to see him tweeting golf pro Rory McIlroy — but are there any clues about Niall Horan’s future from observing his diligent golf following?

According to the Daily Mail U.K., Niall Horan and Rory McIlroy have been in close contact over the recent past due to meeting in Australia in late 2014 while Niall was on tour.

Following that, Niall Horan took time off during a tour break to work as Rory McIlroy’s caddie and assistant during an important PGA tournament on May 19, according to European Tour.

Niall Horan and Rory McIlroy have definitely become pals (if not friends) and Niall has been tweeting support to Rory for months as he continues in the pro golf championships.

Since Niall Horan loves golfing and Rory McIlroy so much — can we expect their paths to cross soon? Looking at Niall Horan’s tour schedule, it is clear that he has some availability for Rory McIlroy in the near future.

If Niall Horan does spend time with Rory McIlroy during his tour break, it will likely be between June 28 (the day after playing Helsinki, Finland) and July 8 (the day before One Direction begins their North American tour in San Diego).

Could Niall Horan show up in America early for the North American tour? If his pal Rory McIlroy is included in the next rounds, Niall Horan will definitely have time off from tour to see him golf.

If Rory McIlroy is still available to participate, he has two tournaments or championships that are congruent to Niall Horan’s days off from tour.

According to the 2015 PGA Tour tournament schedule, the Travelers Championship will occur on June 25 to 28 in Cromwell, Connecticut. The Greenbrier competition is July 2 to 5 in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

While Niall Horan may miss the end of the Travelers Championship, he will definitely have plenty of time to see Rory on the green in West Virginia.

Will Niall Horan be Rory’s caddie or assistant this time? After all, Rory McIlroy could consider Niall Horan’s singing to him while he is golfing to be a bit of a good luck charm — and he may need it.

The BBC reported on June 22 that Rory McIlroy’s, “lead in the world rankings over Spieth, who also won the Masters in April, is now just 1.72 points.”

If Rory and Niall Horan do not see each other in the near future — they will reunite soon enough. One thing that detail-oriented One Direction fans may remember is that Rory McIlroy made a special promise to Niall Horan when they were together at the Par-3 Contest at Augusta.

That promise between Niall Horan and Rory pertains to One Direction fans with tickets to their last North American tour date outside of Boston, Massachusetts on September 12. If all goes well and promises are able to be fulfilled, lucky fans may get a chance to see Rory McIlroy sing on stage with Niall Horan.

Will McIlroy be any good as the fifth member of One Direction? On April 9, when the announcement was made that Rory would sing on stage with Niall Horan, the Daily Mail U.K. states the following.

“Asked whether he has ever heard McIlroy in full voice, Horan replied: ‘No, but apparently, he’s terrible.'”

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