‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: New Cast Members For ‘BB17’ Leaked By CBS?

Big Brother 17 spoilers have taken an interesting turn. As BB17 prepares to start on CBS, new spoilers reveal that there may be two new houseguests joining the cast. As reported by fan site BuddyTV on Monday (June 22), the names may also be very recognizable to regular CBS viewers. With Big Brother 17 just days from airing its first two episodes, it’s certainly worth noting that the 2015 competitors are already in the house.

If the BB17 rumors are true, two new “secret” houseguests will be joining the cast. If additional rumors are to be believed, they go by the names Jeff and Jackie. It might be too big of a coincidence that the most recent season of The Amazing Race had two contestants by those names. Jeff and Jackie were on The Amazing Race to participate in a blind date twist for that reality competition show. They might also have been just popular enough to succeed on an installment of Big Brother.

Since the 14 (or 16) houseguests have already been sequestered from the outside world, there isn’t a good way to confirm whether these Big Brother 17 rumors are true or not. It wouldn’t be the first time that the shows have crossed over either. Jeff and Jordan were two famous Big Brother contestants that went on to star on a season of The Amazing Race for CBS. If two “friends” came into this show, though, they would immediately become targets as a perceived “team.”

As previously reported on the Inquisitr, most of the Big Brother 17 cast has already been revealed. There were 14 members that host Julie Chen talked about on her show The Talk and which CBS showed in-depth on the show website. This includes the first time that a transgender cast member will take part in the reality competition, likely setting up for some really interesting television over the summer. If there are two cast members from The Amazing Race, that could certainly cause a lot of addition drama to take place.

This has already been advertised as a summer that will be packed with surprises and twists for Big Brother fans. It would only be fitting if there were actually two surprise houseguests set to be revealed on the season premiere. As advertised on the BB17 site, the season premiere for the show is airing on Wednesday night (June 24) at 8 p.m. PT/ET. These latest Big Brother 17 spoilers were gleaned from a recent promo for the show, so there is some credibility behind them. To find out for sure, fans will need to tune in when CBS premieres the show.

[Image Source: CBS Media Kit]