Cassidy Hayes Found: 12-Year-Old Found Alive, Safe, Step-Brother Arrested

Cassidy Hayes has been found alive in Arizona, hours after her 22-year-old step-brother abducted her in California. According to ABC 15, an Amber Alert was issued for the 12-year-old girl after she disappeared with Michael Malloch, Jr. Authorities say that Malloch made “suicidal threats” and told his sister that he “couldn’t live without her.” Evidently, that was enough for her to get in a car with him. Once together, Malloch headed out of state.

“They were reportedly last seen at a Shell gas station in Munds Park, near Flagstaff around 9:15 a.m. Monday. That’s when the Amber Alert was released to Arizona media and an emergency message sent out to mobile phones… Authorities say the pair left around 6 a.m. Sunday under ‘suspicious circumstances’ and might have been headed to Massachusetts.”

After Cassidy Hayes was found, police took her step brother into custody. It is unknown if he has been charged, or what he may be charged with. Abduction and/or kidnapping charges are likely.

According to KFVS 12, Hayes and Malloch were missing for over 24 hours. Police have not said why they think the two were headed to Massachusetts, or what Malloch’s relationship with his step-sister was like. It does seem clear, however, that Hayes was in danger. She is undoubtedly lucky to be alive.

Since Cassidy Hayes was found, her parents have not released a statement of any kind. It is unknown if she needed medical attention, or if she was harmed in any way, but everyone is glad that Cassidy is safe. It is unknown if Malloch had previously been in any kind of trouble, or if he had known psychological issues. More information about the case is expected to be released at a later time.

Just last week, another missing persons case made headlines, but this one didn’t have a happy ending. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, 2-year-old Adrionna Williams was found dead just 40 minutes after police issued an Amber Alert. Her body was found about three miles from her home in Pennsylvania.

“A passing citizen walking their dog made the discovery. Obviously, the child didn’t walk there on her own, she was placed there after her death. The investigation is ongoing and at this stage we do not believe the child was abducted by a stranger.”

[Photo via Twitter]