'American Crime Story' Creator Recreates 'The Trial Of The Century'

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for American Crime Story.

American Crime Story is nearly as anticipated as the new season of American Horror Story and the series premiere of Ryan Murphy's other new show Scream Queens, and many of Ryan's fans are curious to see how he will handle what was termed "The Trial of the Century." Ever since it was revealed that the first season of American Crime Story would tackle the O.J. Simpson trial, people have come forward in droves to question Mr. Murphy, wanting to know what can be expected from American Crime Story.

One of the most famous events of that trial has also become one of the most anticipated subplots of American Crime Story, but Murphy warns not to expect a completely faithful re-enactment of the famous car chase's news coverage.

"It was amazing," the American Crime Story creator said. "The interesting thing about this show is everybody knew what was happening outside the Bronco but in this case we tell people what went on in the Bronco."

Still, recreating the actual chase was essential to the scene, and for that, the American Crime Story production crew needed to take their film set to the streets of Los Angeles.

"We shut a couple of LA. Freeways down for two days and we really show A.C. Cowlings and O.J. Simpson in that car, what they were doing. It was really tough, it was very emotional and very wrenching."
Even while American Crime Story is in full production, Ryan confesses that he's already looking forward to the show's second season.

"It's going to be difficult to top this one because of the star power, and also the story is so riveting," Mr. Murphy said. "But I think as in the case of American Horror Story, we always do the opposite of what we did."

It seems like Ryan is eager to spill some spoilers, but not so. As usual, the American Crime Story showrunner is already just as tight-lipped with his plans for this show as he has been about the premiere of the Emma Roberts driven Scream Queens premiere.

"So probably after O.J. we're going to probably try and find something that's much more character-based and maybe not a trial but that's all I can say. I think we've figured out what we want to do but I'm not ready to announce it yet."
American Crime Story will premiere this fall on FOX.

[Featured image: Ryan Murphy courtesy of Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]