‘Storage Wars’ Brawl: Dan Dotson, Dave Hester Tweet About ‘Storage Wars’ After Brawl Halts Production

Since the Storage Wars brawl video hit the internet, both Dan Dotson and Dave Hester have used social media to imply that the show will be coming back — and that they will both be resuming filming.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a brawl between the Storage Wars co-stars broke out while the guys were filming for the new season of the show. Apparently egged on by producers, Dan and Dave got into a scuffle, and Dan’s wife, Laura, even got involved. Things got a bit violent — Dave reportedly sought medical treatment after he was “scratched” by Laura — and A&E staff decided to stop filming for the day.

Following the Storage Wars brawl video, fans were left wondering if the show would continue, or if either of the guys would decide to leave the show. Turns out, both Dan and Dave are ready for more auctioning, at least that’s what their respective Twitter accounts seem to imply. Check out these recent tweets.

According to Fox News, the Storage Wars brawl broke out in Palm Springs, Florida. Security guards were brought in to break up the fight and to try to calm everyone down. As far as the public is concerned, the guys haven’t resumed filming. A&E hasn’t made any kind of announcement, however, and the show has not been canceled. It is unknown when things will resume.

According to dbTechno, the show has been a huge success for A&E. Most fans would be super disappointed to see this show taken off the air, especially over a fight that was brought on by the producers themselves.

“‘Storage Wars’ has been a ratings winner for A&E, and while the numbers are certainly down from the show’s heyday, it’s doubtful the brawl will effect production for long. Hopefully the cast can get along enough in the heat of summer to avoid any scratching and clawing in the future.”

Based on Dan Dotson and Dave Hester’s tweets, however, it sounds like the guys are ready to rock and roll. Storage Wars airs on Tuesday nights on A&E.

[Photo courtesy of A&E]