9-Year-Old Girl Hit By Car After Getting Off The Bus, Died Hours Later

A 9-year-old girl was reportedly hit by a car moments after she got off the bus.

WARNING: This video contains disturbing footage that may not be appropriate for children.

At the beginning of the video, it seems as if the dashcam footage is only capturing the rear of a sedan. Oncoming traffic on the opposite side of the road was very light. The only other vehicle that was on the road at the time was a large bus, which had apparently come to a full stop to drop off passengers.

Instead of waiting for the bus to continue moving, the driver simply switched lanes and attempted to pass the bus.

Just as he was about to clear the bus, however, a young girl ran out into the middle of the street from the front of the bus.

girl hit car

Upon seeing the girl, the driver slammed the brakes but it was already too late.

The girl’s body flew to the ground and rolled forward before coming to a complete stop.

According to the video description on Live Leak, which was posted by Skinner, the 9-year-old girl hit by a car died hours later in the hospital. The description further indicates that this incident may have occurred in Stavropol, Russia.

[Image Credit: Live Leak]