'Ray Donovan' Season 3 Spoilers: First Look At Guest Star Katie Holmes In New Trailer

Showtime is already gearing up for another exciting season of Ray Donovan. The network recently released a trailer for Season 3 of the hit drama, which promises to focus on characters outside of Ray (Liev Schreiber) and his immediate family.

While the first two seasons of the hit show focused primarily on Ray and his family, which includes his ex-con father, played by Jon Voight, the new season will feature a number of new characters as the show expands it storylines. Although the focus will still be on Ray, the new characters will be a pivotal role this season.

One of those new faces in Season 3 is Katie Holmes, who will be making an extended guest star appearance on the show throughout the season. Holmes will be playing the clever and stylish businesswoman Paige. In addition to her ambitions in the business world, Paige is the daughter of billionaire producer Andrew Finney, who is being played by another guest star in Ian McShane.

Based on the content in the trailer, released by TV Line, this season will feature Ray working closely with Finney, who enlists Ray's help as he attempts to retire. Finney needs Ray to keep a watchful eye on his daughter as he makes his plans to walk away from his business. However, with Paige looking to make moves on her father's lucrative business, things get a little complicated for Ray.

The Ray Donovan trailer also shows Ray making deals to work for both Finney and Paige, who seem at odds with each other. To add another complication, Ray is seen making out with Paige in a dark hotel room. With Finney attempting to fix things within his own family, it looks as though Ray will find himself caught between the two struggling family members.

At the same time, Ray will also be attempting to get his brother, Terry (Eddie Marsan), out of prison. The trailer reveals that Terry's life is threatened, and Ray attempts to bribe his brother out of the slammer before it's too late.

However, things don't appear to work out so well for Ray, and it seems as though Terry might have to rely on his father to get him out. Ray's father is shown in the trailer attempting to do just that, though it is uncertain if his actions will help or further complicate things for Ray and company.

Season 3 of Ray Donovan is set to air July 12 on Showtime. Check out the new trailer below.


[Photo Courtesy: Jason Merritt for Getty]