Carlos Perez Poses As Woman: Man Lures Teen Boys Into Sending Nude Photos [Video]

Assistant Coach Carlos Perez, 22, has been posing as a woman under a fictitious name. His goal has been to get underage boys to send him nude photos of themselves.

Perez has called himself “Alayna Dentry.” Authorities believe that this heinous solicitation hasn’t only been local. Through social media and the internet, Carlos has possibly tricked teen boys, nationwide, as reported by WTSP-10.

He was an assistant coach at Wesley Chapel High and used the school’s gym for the Wildcat Wrestling Club. Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco says that he created a Facebook Page under the aforementioned alias — and for the past five years has sent a photo of a female in exchange for several photos from the boys.

The sheriff quotes as follows.

“We believe there are approximately 40 different people, that we know of, that may be potential victims out there.”

The assistant coach also tricked teens through the Kik app. An associate professor at the University of South Florida, Kelli Burns, offers her take on the app and how he could’ve succeeded in luring them.

“The thing about Kik is you don’t need to know a phone number, you only need to know a profile name to have a conversation with somebody. So, a lot of teens are sharing their profile names very freely, and then anyone can strike up a conversation with them.”

As reported by New York Daily News, Carlos Perez had graduated in 2011, and thereafter was helping the head coach in a part-time position with the school. A school district spokesperson, Linda Cobbe, gave few words regarding the situation.

“The principal, the head coach were shocked because they’ve known this guy since he was a student at the school. He was a nice guy. They’re having a hard time wrapping their minds around it.”

Since Perez has been arrested, that particular summer program at the school has been suspended.

While authorities continue to investigate the case for any other possible charges, Carlos Perez has been charged with two counts of “transmission of material harmful to a minor.” His bail is set at $10,000 at Land O’Lakes jail.

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