Latrice Maze, Jahleel Hoskins: No Body, Murder Of Missing Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mother To Air On TV One's 'Fatal Attraction' Tonight

The Latrice Maze-Jahleel Hoskins no body-murder case will be featured tonight on a new episode of Fatal Attraction. Latrice Maze disappeared from her home and was thrown in a dumpster the day she went missing. Her body has never been found.

TV One's Fatal Attraction is a weekly program that highlights true-story cases of domestic couples whose loving relationships go awry and end in murder. In tonight's Fatal Attraction, viewers will see the tragic story of Latrice Maze through reenactments and personal interviews with law enforcement and family members.


Latrice Maze was a 26-year-old mother who vanished from her Grand Rapids, Michigan, home in March, 2013. Hours earlier investigators say the mother of five called 911 to report that her boyfriend, Jahleel Hoskins, had attacked her. Law enforcement officials arrived at the home but found no evidence that an altercation had taken place.

Maze told investigators that her live-in-boyfriend had grabbed her and shoved her toward the back of the home. Packed bags belonging to Latrice Maze indicated that she had planned to leave the home, but she told investigators that she had decided to stay.

Court documents show that Jahleel Hoskins asked police to kick Latrice Maze out of the home, but they informed him that they had no authority to evict anyone. Officers suggested that the two leave the home for the night, until things had cooled down --- but both refused.

Cops offered Latrice Maze a ride to a family member's home or to a shelter. Maze can be heard on the police's dash cam video stating that she did not want to go, and didn't feel that her life was in danger.

Sadly, her life was in danger. A cousin of Jahleel Hoskins would later confess to police that Jahleel Hoskins admitted that he thought about killing his girlfriend while she was in the bathroom soon after officer left the scene.

According to the cousin, Jahleel waited until Latrice Maze came out of the bathroom, then choked her to death before grabbing a bed sheet from her daughter's room, wrapping her body in it, and throwing it in a trash bin.

Maze's family reported her missing the next day after she failed to pick up her babies from school, something family members say that she would never do. Police returned to the scene the next day, but found nothing out of the ordinary. Jahleel Hoskins told cops that he had no idea where she was and had nothing to do with her disappearance.

Family members already knew that Maze was most likely not alive, and that Hoskins had everything to do with whatever happened to her. After repeatedly denying his involvement in her death, in a shocking turn of events, Hoskins admitted to choking and killing her during a fit of anger as the jury prepared to return a verdict. Hoskins sobbed while he admitted the truth about what happened to her, perhaps expecting a lighter sentence. But once the judge returned a 50- to 100-year sentence, Hoskins exploded in court.

According to Mlive, prosecutors say that Jahleel Hoskins killed Latrice Maze because he believed that she was going to turn him in to authorities for stabbing the father of two of her children in a bar fight weeks earlier. Hoskins, who was on parole at the time of the murder, was willing to do anything to avoid going back to prison. Prosecutors also told the courts that they believe that Latrice Maze's body was most likely incinerated after Hoskins discarded it in the dumpster and will most likely never be found.

Today, Jahleel Amon Hoskins sits in a Michigan state correctional facility.
Today, Jahleel Amon Hoskins sits in a Michigan state correctional facility.

Get ready to watch Fatal Attraction's shocking new episode tonight at 10/9 central on TV One.

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