‘Bachelorette’ Kaitlyn Bristowe Will Need On A ‘Full Suit Of Armor’ After Sleeping With Nick Viall

Bachelorette lead Kaitlyn Bristowe will supposedly need a “full suit of armor” on after she hits the sheets with Nick Viall tonight. Reality Steve wrote in his Bachelorette 2015 spoilers a ways back that Kaitlyn sleeps with Nick while in Dublin, Ireland, on Monday night’s episode. A lot of reports today are speculating on Kaitlyn’s sexual activity on the show before heading into the overnight dates. She apparently sleeps with three guys total before the Fantasy Suite dates surface. This is earning the 30-year-old all types of flak, but as E! News writes, it has more to do with the Bachelorette sleeping with someone before she’s “technically” supposed to. Nonetheless, it’s what fans are getting, and it’s a different twist than what they’re used to watching every season.

Regardless of how normal it might be for someone to sleep with a person they’re interested in, Kaitlyn isn’t getting much slack.

Steve tweeted his thoughts about the June 22 episode of The Bachelorette and it sounds like he thinks Kaitlyn will need a thick coating of armor after she sleeps with Nick.

“Man, if Kaitlyn thought the s**t shaming she’s received up to this point was bad, I hope she has on a full suit of armor after tonight…”

After that tweet, he indicated that things for Kaitlyn will get worse from viewers as the volume of criticism drastically increases.

“I don’t care what she does. Her life. But people will be bad after tonight. Hell, they already are & the worst hasn’t aired yet. Good luck”

The Hollywood Gossip reports that the way the latest Bachelorette episodes have been set up, viewers think that producers have leaned towards “s**t-shaming” Kaitlyn Bristowe. This isn’t sitting well with fans.

In fact, Bachelor alum AshLee Frazier told Us magazine that she thinks everyone has sex when it comes to this show — minus maybe Sean Lowe, who was a virgin.

“Minus maybe Sean and maybe another Bachelor or two, I think they all have sex. I don’t know why they don’t talk about it. People have sex. It’s a natural thing. Why is it so faux pas?”

Courtney Robertson, who was on Ben Flajnik’s season of The Bachelor, defends Kaitlyn this season, as well.

“I’m like, ‘you go girl!’ If I was dating somebody for two months and might get engaged to him and you are in the moment… I give it to her for going after it and indulging a little bit.”

What do you think of Kaitlyn Bristowe sleeping with multiple contestants before the overnight dates on The Bachelorette? Is she just test-driving what she might end up marrying, or is she just indulging in promiscuous sex?

[Photo Credit: ABC via People]