Woman Has Huge Cyst Drained With A Razor Blade, Footage Goes Viral

The woman in this now-viral video had a huge cyst on her arm. Instead of seeking medical advice or heading to the closest hospital, she apparently entrusted the responsibility of draining it with a foul-mouthed man and his razor blade.

[WARNING: This footage contains explicit NSFW language and graphic content that may not be appropriate for children.]

At the beginning of the video, the woman asks for the man to give her a minute to gain her composure while she covers the huge cyst on her arm with a green washcloth.

“Wait a minute, just wait a minute. Get the cigarette out of your mouth and pay attention… Just give me a minute to get my composure, baby. I’ll tell you when I’m ready…”

According to the man’s response, he was apparently frustrated with her stalling and wanted to get started as soon as possible.

“Ima slit your f**king throat with this.”

The woman responded by saying, “Please do. You’d be doing me a favor!”

Eventually, the man was able to calm the woman down to the point where she finally removed the washcloth — revealing the huge puss-filled cyst to the camera.

After nicking it a couple of times with the razor blade, the man started pumping the cyst with his hands like a large pimple as it gushed blood and puss for a considerable amount of time.

The video of a woman having her huge cyst drained by a man with a razor blade was posted on World Star Hip Hop Monday and has already been viewed over 278,000 times.

[Image by Zephyris / CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons]