‘NARC’ Lightning Strikes And Burns Florida Man’s House — Man Gets Arrested For Marijuana Possession

Lightning strikes have struck Florida frequently over the past few days. For one man, lightning struck not just as an inconvenience, but as a “NARC.”

In Cape Coral, Florida — Sunday, June 21, 2015 — 65-year-old Jaroslav Kratky found himself in an unfortunate situation. For one, lightning struck his house near Del Prado Boulevard. Accordingly, emergency services responded to the predicament.

Lightning strikes have been occurring in various, recent storms in Florida. While this seemed to be a “regular” fire extinguishing, it would prove to be much more, as reports Fox News-4.

Once Cape Coral fire crews were on the scene and putting out the lightning-produced flames, they discovered something else about Kratky. He’s a marijuana grower. In the backyard, crews found 15 marijuana plants — as well as a suitcase stuffed with ready-to-go “packages.”

As reports NBC News-2, authorities were called.

“The fire was contained by the Cape Coral Fire Department and as the house was being cleared what appeared to be a marijuana grow-house operation was discovered, according to police which got a search warrant.

The marijuana was seized as evidence. Fifteen plants were inside the home, seven were outside and a large suitcase was packed with packaged pot. The pot weighed 8.5-pounds, according to police.”

In a weird twist of events, firefighters were summoned to Jaroslay’s house during the same weekend, prior to his house being struck.

The man’s boat caught afire, and it turns out that lightning was the culprit then, as well. As reports the same news medium, Kratky’s wife was at her neighbor’s house when she witnessed the hit.

“Marie Kratky was at a neighbor’s house when she saw a flash of light and heard a thunderous sound. She immediately knew it was too close for comfort, but wasn’t expecting where the lightning hit.

‘We thought it was our neighbor’s boat, but it was not. It was our boat’, Kratky said.”

Marie also mentioned that she had asked her husband to get rid of the boat times before. After the lightning struck the boat, she offered, “It’s not a loss at all. It’s a blessing.”

But as it seems, Mother Nature wasn’t finished, as she returned to the same residence, less than 24 hours later. (Try telling the Kratky’s that lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place.)

According to Fox News-4, Jaroslay and the marijuana were taken into custody.

“Kratky was taken into custody and charged with Production/Cultivation of Marijuana within 1000 feet of Church or School (as the house is located near First Baptist Church of Cape Coral), and Possession of Marijuana over 20 Grams.”

What are your thoughts about this lightning strike incident? How do you feel about the recent strikes plaguing Florida? Feel free to share in the comments section.

[Photo Credits: Twitter]