Janet Jackson’s New ‘No Sleeep’ Single Makes Some Listeners Yawn

This morning, Janet Jackson released her long-awaited single, “No Sleeep,” and it hasn’t received the universal praise she has hoped for. While Jackson’s biggest fans like the song, many others think it is quite a yawn. Commenters on a Billboard article about the new single weren’t too kind.

“This is a joke, right? I knew Janet Jackson couldn’t sing well, but she is just phoning it in here. She isn’t doing any favors by calling the song [‘No Sleeep’] because people will joke that it will put you to sleep,” wrote commenter Lars McDonald.

“What a songfest! Janet – you did the whole rain and whispering talking in the 80/90s…this ain’t gunna cut it #50yearoldproblems,” wrote commenter JoanCrawford1.

There were music listeners under an article about Janet’s “No Sleeep” at Entertainment Weekly who also weren’t impressed.

“Would have expected a summer blow out banger for Janet to return but we get her umpteenth slow rnb [sic] jam that ironically makes me sleepy. I wish she would get out and away from Jimmy Jim and Terry Lewis productions since they all sound too similar. I miss the All For You Janet,” wrote commenter KTM444.

“She is one of my favorite artists. I have seen her twice in concert. But this song is nothing special at all. I mean 7 years for a slow jam R&B song that sounds like all the other R&B slow jams. What a disappointment,” wrote commenter Shay Lauderdale.

The response on Twitter to Janet Jackson’s new song was better.

Janet Jackson is certainly hoping “No Sleeep” can become a hit — it would be her first hit single since 2001. Since then, Jackson has become more popular for career mistakes than career highs: There was her 2004 “Wardrobe Malfunction” at the Super Bowl, three albums in a row that flopped, and her cancellation of concert dates due to low ticket sales.

As Rolling Stone notes, Janet Jackson has just announced her Unbreakable World Tour. Thirty-six shows have been announced so far, with more to be announced at later dates. This will be Ms. Jackson’s first tour in four years. Ms. Jackson last toured in very small theaters back in 2011. This time around, Janet Jackson is playing a mixture of theaters and arenas.

Janet Jackson is trying to make a comeback in an industry that is not kind to older women. Mariah Carey and Madonna, despite having critically acclaimed albums, haven’t been able to chart as high as they used to. Do you think “No Sleeep” can put Janet back at the top of the charts? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo Credit: Twitter]