Kanye West May Have Urine Tossed At Him At Glastonbury: Can Kim Kardashian Save Him?

Kanye West is going to play the Glastonbury music festival in the UK and it is almost the equivalent of walking into a fire; the vitriol against him headlining the festival has reached dangerous levels. This morning, The Independent quoted a vicious Twitter user.

“I hope someone lugs a bottle of warm urine at that muppet Kanye West at Glasto so his face comes out in piss-blisters.”

The Independent goes on to describe the extent at which Glastonbury fans are against Kanye West.

“Yet as the fateful Glastonbury weekend draws ever nearer, this is beginning to look less and less like a joke, and increasingly as if Kanye is going to have to invest in several heavy-duty umbrellas and a raincoat. At last count the petition to remove Kanye from his headline slot, and replace him with a ‘deserving’ rock band, had 134,415 votes.”

CTV News quotes the petition to remove Kanye West from Glastonbury.

“Kanye West is an insult to music fans all over the world. We spend hundreds of pounds to attend Glasto and by doing so, expect a certain level of entertainment.”

In fact, things have become so bad that Emily Eavis, Glastonbury’s co-organizer, has received horrible death threats and other forms of abuse over the booking. Perhaps Barbara Streisand would have been a “safer” choice? Then again, when you are playing with Kanye West, you are automatically playing with fire.

Kanye West has become the most vilified musical performer in recent memory. Nobody will ever forget when West tried to interrupt Taylor Swift’s speech for daring to win an award that West thought Beyoncé deserved. Earlier this year, Kanye once again became enraged when Beck won album of the year instead of Beyoncé.

“Every time I crash the internet, it’s like this little drop of truth. Every time I say something that’s extremely truthful out loud, it literally breaks the internet. So, what are we getting all of the rest of the time?” West asked a Time interviewer a couple months back after the magazine named him as one of this year’s most important icons.

Unfortunately, Kanye West’s actions haven’t helped his musical career. His upcoming album Swish has already seen two singles (“Only One” and “All Day”) perform below expectations. His constant appearance in the tabloids with wife Kim Kardashian and daughter North West have made him more of a celebrity than a musician. One can only hope that Glastonbury doesn’t completely push Kanye West over the edge.

[Photo by Stuart Wilson / Getty Images]