Linda Ann Jenns: 'Too Fat For Prison' Driver Learns Her Fate For Killing Jogger After Running Red Light

Linda Ann Jenns made headlines last week due to her surprising excuse explaining why she could never be incarcerated. As previously reported on Inquisitr, Jenns -- described as a "morbidly obese" 420 pound driver -- thought the court would be merciful because she's "too fat for prison," and "could not cope" with the harsh conditions. But apparently, Canterbury Crown Court Judge Heather Norton feels otherwise.

According to Ashford Herald, Jenns was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving and has been sentenced to 30 months behind bars for the death of 45-year-old Paul Stinton. Despite Jenns' pleas to be spared jail time, the Judge Norton made it quite clear that her excuse was unacceptable. During the closing statement, the judge offered a detailed explanation about the two and a half-year sentence and recounted notable details about the accident. She cited that, like other motorists, Jenns actually noticed Stinson standing at the crosswalk.

Instead of stopping when the light turned yellow as Stinson began walking, Jenns continued by driving through the intersection as the light turned red. If she had yielded when the light turned yellow, Stinson may not have been hit.

Here is the statement via Mirror Online.

"You were driving your mum and nephew on a dual carriageway in Ashford in January 2014... I have heard together with the jury and from a number of eye-witnesses that you were driving at a fast speed. When you approached the crossing, the light turned amber and Mr. Stinton was standing at the level crossing. It wasn't just other motorists that noticed Mr. Stinton standing at the crossing, you did too. He looked at your car, started to walk across the road when he thought it was safe to cross, and then he changed his mind and went back to the central reservation when he saw you coming.

You were [traveling] at a fast speed and you didn't moderate your speed on the approach to the crossing. The light had turned red and there is some evidence that the pedestrian light has turned green for Mr. Stinton to cross the road. You drove through the red light, collided with Mr. Stinton and he suffered from multiple injuries. You were driving too fast for the conditions of the road, you should have been driving with extra care given the vicinity of the crossing, you saw the pedestrians and you drove through the red light. The collision with Mr. Stinton came about because you drove through the red light and it's as simple as that."

However, the judge did state that Jenns' medical condition was taken into consideration, but to no avail. Even the investigating officer agrees that Jenns violated the traffic law regarding yellow lights. "The Highway code states that even amber lights should be stopped at unless you have crossed the stop line or to stop would cause an accident."

Do you agree with the judge's sentence or should Linda Ann Jenns have been spared because she's "too fat for prison?" Share your thoughts.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]