‘Outlander’ Star Sam Heughan Says Season 2 Will Be ‘Very Different’

Sam Heughan has certainly had an incredible first season on the hit show Outlander. Heughan plays Jaime Fraser on the show, and did a great job of portraying the character throughout a highly emotional season that featured an imprisonment followed by a sexual assault. In fact, Heughan did such a fine job that his name has been surfacing for Lead Actor in a Drama Series category for the Television Academy.

According to Carter Matt, Heughan might be on his way to take home the award, though the vote is still ongoing and everything is obviously yet to be determined. Additionally, Heughan is facing tough competition in the category this year, which includes the likes of Jon Hamm, who just finished his final season on AMC’s Mad Men. However, given his strong performance on Outlander, Heughan definitely stands a chance at winning just as much as anyone else.

Meanwhile, Outlander is already gearing up for its upcoming Season 2 premiere. Following a very successful Season 1, producers have been busy filming for the new season, which sees the characters heading to Paris, France. In a recent interview with the Wrap, Heughan discussed filming for the show’s new season on the coast of Scotland.

“We were shooting up on the East Coast of Scotland, which doubled for the French sea court, and it’s pretty much the opening of the show in Season 2,” Heughan explained.

Since the new season will be centered on the political life in France, Heughan added that the show has included some notable French actors in the new season. “There’s some incredible location work, we had lots of boats there and the French harbor … We’ve got some terrific French cast, lots of French actors, some quite famous, are in the show.”

Meanwhile, with the shift of scenery for the new season being drastically different than Season 1, the feel on the show will also be impacted as the series changes its focus. With that in mind, Heughan talked about how much this coming season differs from the first, and how excited he is to be playing a part in this particular time period.

“It just feels very different. It feels like an epic sort of journey that we’re on,on the show. It’s such an interesting time period too,” Heughan revealed.”The end of 1744, 1745, so it’s a really interesting time, we’re so close to revolution. Yeah, it’s been great.”

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe will return for Outlander Season 2 in 2016.

[Image Courtesy: Starz]