Storage Wars Cast Members Brawl Over Auction: ‘I’m Going To Kill You!’ [Video]

An intense brawl broke out on the set of the A&E hit series Storage Wars, harming cast members and production has reportedly stopped, according to gossip rag TMZ. The brawl included death threats between cast members.

In the midst of a fast-paced auction, while filming an episode of Storage Wars, cast member Dan Dotson overlooked a bid placed by bidder Mary, who also stars on the show. When cast member Dave Hester told Dotson about the missed bid, Dotson initially ignored Hester.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Hester approached Dotson because Storage Wars producers told him to, although this information hasn’t been confirmed. When Dave approached Dotson again about the missed bid, the Storage War auctioneer screamed, “F**k you, David! I’m going to kill you!”, which might have instigated the brawl.

As the brawl reached its apex, Dave allegedly punched Dotson in the face. Don, allegedly acting in self-defense during the brawl, responded by punching Hester in his eye. Laura, who is Dotson’s real-life wife, jumped into the middle off the brawl, and allegedly leaped on to Hester’s back, and then was tossed through the air while Storage Wars crew supposedly continued filming, although that information has yet to be confirmed. Security guards broke up the fight.

Fox News reports that after the brawl, Hester was taken to a nearby hospital to receive a tetanus shot from a scratch Laura gave him during the fight.

There’s no word whether charges will be filed or if any Storage Wars cast member has acquired an attorney regarding the incident.

TMZ reports that Dave was given the boot from Storage Wars, and production on the show has stopped, although that information has yet to be officially confirmed. Representatives from Storage Wars producer A&E were not immediately available for comment about the brawl.

Fox News reports that after the Storage Wars brawl, Doston tweeted about the incident on Saturday, posting “We’re Sorry Fans! Violence is never the answer, it’s not OK. We were attacked & did what anyone would do. @AETV“.

The Storage Wars brawl ended production “until further notice,” but A&E hasn’t made any kind of announcement about if / when they will resume filming.

It seems A&E is taking the Storage Wars brawl very seriously, which they should, since, according to Fox News, Dotson suffered a double brain aneurysm last year, and any blows to the head could injure him again.

[Image from YouTube]