DNA Of Richard Matt And David Sweat Found In Cabin In Franklin County, New York

There is a surge of police activity in Owls Head, New York, reports WPTZ. That’s because the DNA of escaped convicts Richard Matt and David Sweat have been found inside of a cabin in the area. As seen on Google Maps, Owls Head is near the border of the United States and Canada, about a two hours’ drive south of Montreal, Quebec. Owls Head is located approximately 25 miles from the Clinton Correctional Facility, if the escaped prisoners were traveling on foot and not via highways such as NY-374.

Now that the DNA of Matt and Sweat has been confirmed on items recovered from a burglarized cabin in the area, the search for the escaped murderers has shifted back to that area. Previously, it was unknown if the duo were riding the train rails or had made it all the way to Mexico in the 16 days since they’d escaped from prison. According to CBS News, DNA from Matt and Sweat was located in the cabin nearby Wolf Pond, which is located in the Saranac Lake region. The DNA was uncovered recently, within the previous 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Joyce Mitchell’s role in helping the two men escape prison is still being uncovered as she sits in jail. Mitchell was a teacher at the prison’s tailor shop who came in contact with both men — and reportedly gave them tools such as chisels and drill bits to help in their daring escape. While Joyce pleaded not guilty to charges that claim she helped Matt and Sweat escape, other reports from witnesses claim Mitchell had sex with both escaped convicts, as reported by the Inquisitr.

According to CNN, the 51-year-old married Mitchell engaged in a sexual relationship with Matt. Potential plots for the escaped convicts to kill Joyce’s husband were also revealed. As for the recent findings of the DNA of Sweat and Matt, those revelations join the jugs of water that have led authorities’ searches once again close to the Clinton Correctional Facility in a targeted area in their search for the prisoners. The police were able to find the DNA of the escaped convicts after receiving reports from a male who told cops that his Black Cat Mountain campsite had been broken into on Saturday. Yelling at the intruders to leave, the man said he witnessed another male running away. He wasn’t able to pinpoint Sweat and Matt directly, but the DNA findings have been able to confirm the escaped convicts were there.

[Image via New York police]