Man Dies Shielding Mom: 21-Year-Old Covers Mom’s Body, Shielding Her From Bullets, Dies

A man dies shielding his mom from bullets at her Chicago home over the weekend, and the story has now gone viral. According to Mail Online, James Jones, 21, was on the porch of his mother’s home when a man approached them. The man was wielding a gun, and started shooting at Jones and his mother. Jones quickly threw himself over his mother’s body, and was shot multiple times. His mother, Alicia Jones, 46, was wounded, but she survived the brutal attack.

“Alicia’s sister, Dietra Luckett, said the mother just happened to be coming out of the front door and onto the porch when the man opened fire and James protected her. James Jones was out on parole after being sentenced to prison for attempted burglary. Luckett believes he was the intended target.”

The man who died shielding his mom is the third of his four siblings to die in violent acts. Back in 2006, Jones’ daughter, Antionette Means, was killed in a robbery. She was working at a KFC at the time the store was robbed. Although she gave the man the cash from the register, he shot her anyway. In 1994, Alicia’s son, Curtis, 4, was killed in a home attack. Prosecutors said that a gang member “threw a Molotov cocktail” (basically a bomb in a bottle) into the family’s home in an effort to kill a rival.

Dietra Luckett says that the family has chosen not to tell Alicia that James is gone, as they want to allow her to recover as best she can.

James was one of two people killed in Chicago this weekend. An additional 16 people were injured in various shootings throughout the city.

According to the Canada Journal, Alicia Jones underwent surgery at Advocate Christ Medical Center. Her sister says that James was involved in some bad things, and that he did have a criminal record, which is something that Alicia likely knew as well.

“Relatives said James Jones sold drugs. And court records show he had a criminal record and was on parole after being sentenced to prison for attempted burglary. Police said the shooting was gang-related.”

James Jones’ death wasn’t the only shooting incident that went viral this week. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, an Ohio man made headlines after he called 911, and then shot a cop that responded to his call. That officer, Sonny Kim, was killed. Trepierre Hummons was also 21-years-old, and police say that he was in a gang, as well.

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