Did Taylor Swift Just Blast Social Media? The Queen Of Pop Says Twitter And Facebook Does Not Buy Happiness

Kim Brandow

It seems that Taylor Swift makes headlines pretty much every day. No matter what she does or says, it is instantly in the news. Her fans seem to sit up and take notice whenever she speaks. The Queen of Pop is speaking up once again in a recent interview, as she talks about the health and happiness of her fans and the use of social media.

When it comes to social media forums such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Swift said that people take too much heed in how much emphasis it plays in their lives. According to the BBC, the "Bad Blood" singer seems to be concerned that many users are way too attached to the internet and their popularity on social media.

"You have teenagers who are attaching their self worth to how many likes they get on a picture they just posted. I don't necessarily think that's a healthy way to see yourself."
"I want to always be there to tell them, that's not the most important thing -- whether this picture got 50 likes and that picture got 10, please don't base your day and your happiness and your sanity on that."

Taylor Swift has proven her influence over her devoted "Swifties" many times and she now has cast her magical power over one of the largest companies, as well. As reported by Inquisitr, she just recently took on Apple Music by writing an open letter to them, taking a stand as she threatened to not give them the pleasure of streaming her most recent album, 1989. Swift posted the letter on Twitter.

Her beef with the company was that artists, writers, and producers would not get paid for the three month trial subscription that they were offering customers for free. Swift basically told Apple Music in the letter that she doesn't work for free. Guess what? They listened, and changed their policies all in a matter of a few hours. Her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, even took to his Twitter account to post this sweet message.

This is why Taylor Swift made it on Forbes' list of the world's most influential women. She is a force to be reckoned with. She doesn't really blast social media, but she just wants her fans to use it wisely. Her true happiness seems to come from her family, friends, and just life itself. Taylor Swift has spoken! Fans should spend more time with real people instead of worrying about how well their social media is doing.

Do think this is good advice that Taylor Swift has just given?

[Image courtesy of Sascha Steinbach / Getty Images]