Best Cat Video Ever? Stowaway Feline Gives Pilot A Surprise [Video]

Cat videos tend to be one of the more popular aspects of the Internet and for good reason too. However, a pilot uploaded what is probably the very best cat video ever to YouTube on Sunday.

When you are a pilot, it now seems to be prudent in future to check your plane’s wings for stowaway cats before take off, as this pilot found out to his surprise and amusement. In probably the best cat video ever taken by the dashboard camera, we watch as a cat crawls from the wing and attempts to enter the cockpit of the plane, all the while hanging on for dear life.

This all happened hundreds of feet above ground on what was supposed to be a normal and routine flight and flying lesson in Kourou, French Guinea.

As reported by the Mirror Online, the pilot, Romain Jantot and his flight partner could hardly believe their eyes when shortly after take off, a windswept black and white cat suddenly appeared, having crawled along the wing to the cockpit of the small Ultralight plane. It took the lady a little longer to spot the errant moggie.

While the flight had been perfectly standard up to then, and the normal security checks had been performed prior to take off, the pilot should, it seems, have checked inside the wing for stray cats before leaving.

In what must be the best cat video ever, we can watch the cat, apparently feeling reasonably calm considering the plane is hundreds of feet above the ground, crawling along the wing and then sticking its head inside the cockpit, staring around at the people inside.

Jantot was clearly amazed and then thoroughly amused by what he saw and it took his flight partner a little bit longer to realize what was going on. We can then see her amazement as she looks up and sees the cat staring back at her.

According to Jantot, the cat was unharmed by its terrifying experience and they are now considering adopting it as the latest mascot for the flying club.

Best cat video ever

After posting the almost definite entry for best cat video ever on YouTube Sunday, just one day later the views have soared to almost 48,000 at the time of writing.

In the video description Jantot says:

“A standard flight until… I still don’t know if it got in after the pre-flight check or if i missed it.

“The cat is doing well, she is still our mascot.”

We now have to wait and see if anyone can beat this as the best cat video ever on YouTube!

This isn’t the only recent story about a stowaway cat, however, as the Inquisitr yesterday reported on the tale of a tabby cat who got trapped in a shipping container and traveled 2,200 miles over a period of three weeks, all the way from Cyprus to the U.K.

[Image: Screen grab from video]